Monday, June 22

I live in a city

I live in a city of twelve million. Yet of that number how many do I know, a hundred at best. The trains link the town through arteries of steel and plastic but do we feel any more connected? Where can we find the place to belong? Events swirl around the concrete jungle and become a moment of connection, yet can such a time extend for long enough to provide security in this vortex of insanity? Night descends and lights emerge, a combination of simple elements join together to reduce limitations, yet does the memory imprint with a lasting effect? Can what we experience on this substance carry on to the next day? The next week? What do we do when our feelings atrophy and die as the lubricant leaves our system? Each hour of consumption further fuels the meaningless lies we tell adding weight to the troubles we carry. Some of us are far more able to shoulder the burden but many of us collapse under the strain of simply trying to maintain the status quo. Why do we continue with endeavors that we know to be fruitless yet we desire to pursue because it feeds us that breath of life we call possibility?

We grab for the brass ring because we dream of that moment when we can grasp it and all the pain and sadness can melt away into another vessel. Those that have reached that ultimate height of being can relish an infinite happiness, yet such individuals can be counted on half a hand.

I hope like most sentient beings to reach such a point in my life yet the details of managing such an endeavor are lost to the fog of normal consciousness. How can one separate the regular needs of an individual in order to mesh with another? The general belief can be seen as this is impossible, yet data gathered in a closed setting would seem to indicate that this is untrue.

The point is, at what point are you (I) willing to settle for anything that could make you happy? Nothing is perfect in this messed up world of concrete, asphalt, plastic, and coffee. Yet if you can find something that can match at least ten desires, admitted or not, I say hang on to it with all the strength you have left.

I'm waiting for a city of twelve million.